Before applying for a scholarship, a student must first be admitted to one of the Participating Schools.

Once a student has been admitted to participating school, he/she will be provided with a code to apply for 

a scholarship through Renaissance.

The required documents for all applicants are as follows:

          1. A Verification of Alabama Public School Assign Form

          2. An Alabama State Income Tax Return (Form 40)

          3. If you have not filed a 2019 Alabama State Income Tax Return and are not required to
              file you may provide:

                    i. A Statement of Non-Filing 

                    ii. All forms of income (which may include but is not limited to:
                        W2, 1099, Profit & Loss, Unemployment Compensation, Child Support Documentation)

                    iii. Statement of No Wages 

          5. Your child's last End of Year (Full-Year) Report Card

You will submit the documents in your application. Please email if you have any questions.

The Alabama Accountability Act requires scholarship granting organizations to give priority to students as follows:

1. A student zoned for a “failing school", whether or not they are currently enrolled in a public or private school. Only 25% of all new
    scholarships can be awarded to students continuously enrolled in a private school during the previous school year. Click HERE to view
    the Department of Education's list of failing schools.


2. A public school student not zoned for a “failing school". By law, scholarships may not be awarded to students zoned to a non-
    failing school until July 31st of each school year, for the coming school year.


3. A private school student not zoned for a "failing school". 

Note that all students must meet the income guidelines to be considered for a scholarship from Renaissance Scholarships.

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